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Radical U™: Year One, The Dreaming Room

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Discover your DREAM

The Great Result an Entrepreneur-Founder intends to create. Ours was and is “To Transform the state of Small Business worldwide!” What’s yours? Be careful how you answer that question because it will live with you ‘til the end of time. Ours was created in March 1977, at the founding of our then named company, The Michael Thomas Corporation. And during the transition from then to now, it’s inspired us, driven us, motivated us, surprised us, and intensified every single step we’ve taken, again and again, and again! There’s a Process for Discovering it! We INVENTED it!

Discover your PURPOSE

That a significant percentage of those customer-clients who are attracted to your Dream and your Vision, successfully realize it, and fulfill their own while passionately taking part in your Offer, to literally transform both the state of their work, their career, their profession, their business, while at the very same time, transforming their lives! There’s a Process for Discovering it! We INVENTED it!

Discover your VISION

The Form, your Company, will take in order to fulfill your Dream. We said it, and say it every single day: “To invent the McDonald’s of Small Business Consulting.” What in the world is that? The Visual, Emotional, Functional, and Financial turnkey SYSTEMS, which caused McDonald’s to become “The Most Successful Small Business in the World!” There’s a Process for Discovering it! We INVENTED it!

Discover your MISSION

To invent the SYSTEM at the very heart of your emerging enterprise; ours was and is The Business Development System. The same System which lives at the heart of our Dream, our Vision our Purpose and, yes, of course, our Mission, as it will of yours. There’s a Process for Discovering it. We INVENTED it!
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Radical U™ Year ONE
  • 52 Weeks 
  • Over 100 Videos
  • Create Your Own Dream, Vision, Purpose, and Mission System by the end of the Year. 
  • ​We are donating 100% of the profits.
    “Michael’s understanding of entrepreneurship and small business management has been a difference maker for countless businesses, including Infusion Software. His insights into the entrepreneurial process of building a business are a must-read for every small business owner. The vision, clarity, and leadership that came out of our Dreaming Room™ experience were just what our company needed to recognize our potential and motivate the whole company to achieve it. " - 
    Clate Mask, Co-Founder, Infusionsoft & Keap   
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